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Dr. Frank specializes in General, Restorative, and Cosmetic Dentistry. Located in the heart of Bushwick Brooklyn, our facility is situated one block from Woodhull, a major city hospital that borders a high traffic commercial zone near Graham Avenue. This densely populated community has directly benefited from Broadway Dental Services for over 40 years; three generations of families have received a skilled and caring dental health service. Our staff is dedicated to meeting all of our patient’s dental needs. We accommodate patients from many neighboring communities as well as from out of state locations.

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When not practicing dentistry, Dr. Frank is involved with the Doe Fund Inc., Ready Willing and Able Organization, through the Leadership Alliance Project. He works as a mentor with formerly incarcerated and homeless men to aid in the development of their social and emotional skills. The aim is to empower these men by providing a positive social support network; He strives to increase the client’s sense of self worth by developing trusting relationships that will nurture positive decisions and self discovery.

Dr. Frank is a graduate of Brooklyn College and then attended New York University for his Doctor of Dentistry Degree. He has had the privilege to mentor many of his young associates with his vast experience, creativity, and ingenuity. He has been recognized nationally for his professionalism and devotion to his patients. Dr. Frank is a member of the American Dental Association, the New York State Dental Association, and the New York County Dental Association.

Dr. Frank is proud of his work as a health care professional as well as his contributions to those that are striving to find their way within the community. He looks forward to being a part of your health care needs.