Dentures NYC FAQs

What are dentures?
Dentures are prosthetic devices worn to replace missing teeth. They are kept in place by the soft and hard tissue of the mouth and the suction of the mouth. Dentures can be either partial or complete.

What are partial dentures?
Partial dentures are made for patients missing some, but not all of their teeth. They are made to replace whatever tooth is missing, and they are supported by anchoring to the surrounding real teeth. They are also known as “crown and bridge”.

What are complete dentures?
Complete dentures are made for patients who are missing all of their teeth on a particular arch. They are made to resemble one full row of teeth, and act as such.

What materials are dentures made with?
Dentures are mostly made with acrylic resins. A tissue colored acrylic is used to make the gums. The frame of the dentures can be made with acrylic, plastic and metal. The combination of these materials helps keep the dentures in place while chewing. White acrylic is used to make the teeth. Porcelain may also be used on the front teeth because its light-reflective properties make for a more natural-looking smile.

How long do dentures take to make?
When you visit Dr. Phillip Frank at his Brooklyn, NY practice, he will exam your teeth and take a mold of your oral cavity. From then on, a series of appointments and fittings must take place. Because each denture is made specifically to fit each patient as perfectly as possible, the process must be precise. Typically, dentures take about four to five appointments spread out over six weeks to complete. However, temporary dentures can be fitted so you do not have to go the entire time without teeth while you wait for your dentures to be completed.

Who are ideal candidates for dentures?
Anyone missing one or more teeth is an ideal candidate for dentures. Missing teeth cause discomfort, speech impediments, and make it difficult to chew and eat properly.

Are dentures painful to wear?
Dentures are created for each individual patient according to the structure of his/her mouth. They are customized to adhere to the individual arches on the upper and lower jaw or to each missing space and the supporting teeth around it. As such, dentures should not be painful to wear. Wearing them does take some getting used to initially as the oral cavity needs time to adjust to functioning with dentures in. Some initial discomforts include excess salivation and soreness in the gums.

How long do dentures last?
When made correctly, with quality materials, they should last between five to eight years. Dr. Frank has years of experience making dentures for his patients. He takes great care in his work, and the results reflect that. In addition to choosing the right dentist to make your dentures, you also need to take care of your dentures once you have them.

How should dentures be taken care of?
Plaque and tartar can build up on dentures just as they do on regular teeth. Regular toothpaste and brushing can be too abrasive on dentures. Cleaning of dentures can be done by chemical or mechanical denture cleaners. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Frank at his New York practice and he will recommend either over-the-counter or prescription cleaners.