Complete Dentures

When all of the natural teeth are lost, dentures can replace your missing teeth permitting you to eat, speak, and smile naturally. They will support your facial muscles, cheeks, and lips; they will permit you to chew your food properly, and will dramatically improve your appearance.

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New dentures can often feel uncomfortable for days or even weeks while the muscles of your cheek, tongue and lips learn how to control keeping your dentures in place. Sore spots and excessive saliva are not uncommon. Eating and speaking with full dentures is a learning process. Remember these teeth are not your natural teeth, but none the less patients learn to function very well.

Immediate Dentures

There is no reason for patients waiting for a denture to be made to suffer the embarrassment of functioning with missing teeth. Immediate dentures are fabricated prior to the removal of most of the teeth important for appearance.

These teeth are eventually extracted and the denture is placed in the patient's mouth immediately after surgery. While the mouth is healing, patients are able to use these temporary dentures to eat, speak, and function reasonably well. Permanent dentures are made after several months when healing is complete.

Partial Dentures

When natural teeth are missing, the remaining teeth can drift and change position. A healthy attractive smile and chewing function is dependent on maintaining a full compliment of teeth. Partial dentures are removable and can be fabricated using a flexible material with no visible metal clasps; they can be highly aesthetic and virtually invisible.