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Teeth do not grow back or regenerate. The most effective way to prevent cavities and periodontal disease is by the performance of good tooth brushing and flossing technique several times daily. Periodic 6 month check-ups are a must; the maintenance of your oral health and functionality will prevent complex dental problems and costly treatment. The key to enjoying exceptional oral health and
maintaining the brilliance in your smile is professional
intervention and patient vigilance.

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Bad Breath Control
Bad breath is unpleasant and embarrassing. It usually occurs when oral health is neglected. Decaying food particles and bacteria in the mouth can only be neutralized with proper brushing technique and flossing several times daily. Cleaning the tongue with gentle brushing is also required for avoiding bad breath.Eliminating foods containing garlic and onions which produce sulfurous gases during the digestion process will also help eliminate bad breath (halitosis).
Stimulating saliva production is our major objective when we want to eradicate bad breath. The use of mouth washes only temporarily masks odors. Chewing gum containing Xylitol will increase salivation and works to decrease the bacterial concentration in the mouth. Cinnamon flavored gum may also have breath odor prevention abilities.