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A root canal is an advanced dental procedure that is used to treat teeth with excessive decay or trauma to the nerve of the tooth. Root canals are extremely important as they protect the tooth from further infection and potential extraction. If your dentist has recommended that you undergo a root canal, you may be concerned about experiencing pain and feel some anxiety about the process. Fortunately, thanks to advancements in the procedure and the materials that are used, root canals no longer need to inspire such fear in patients.

Dr. Phillip Frank, a respected and highly experienced dentist in Brooklyn, New York, has extensive experience in providing root canals to his patients. With regular dental exams, it is possible to detect and treat cavities early, thus avoiding a future root canal; however, in some cases the patient does not become aware of tooth damage until the pain sets in. Root canals are often associated with a great amount of pain, but actually the pain that patients feel is from an abscess within the tooth that has become infected. Most patients report immediate relief after the root canal and agree that the pain of the procedure is nothing compared to the pain of an infected tooth. Dr. Frank’s gentle manner will put you at ease and his techniques will ensure the maximum level of comfort during your root canal procedure.

A root canal is performed in two stages, several weeks apart. The first step in a root canal is to remove the tooth root, including the pulp tissue and nerve, from within the tooth to cure the infection and prevent the occurrence of future infections. Once the root has been removed, Dr. Frank will clean the tooth to ensure all bacteria and debris has been removed. Then, the tooth will be filled with a substance to seal the openings. After this part of the root canal procedure has been performed, you will return home and may be given pain medications and antibiotics to prevent subsequent infection.

After allowing for several weeks of healing, you will return to Dr. Frank’s office for the final step in the root canal. The tooth root provides blood supply to the tooth to hydrate and nourish the structure. As such, the removal of the tooth root changes the structure of the tooth, making it brittle and susceptible to damage. To protect the tooth from further damage, a crown (cap) will be placed over the tooth. In a prior appointment, Dr. Frank will have taken a mold of the tooth so that a custom-made crown can be created for you. This will be placed over the tooth, mimicking the original shape and restoring full functionality to your teeth.

Over the past two decades, much advancement has been made in the area of root canal therapy, which has lead to higher success rates and lower incidence of pain during and after the procedure. It is important to work with a dentist who is highly experienced in root canal therapies, as the procedure deals with a very delicate and complex part of the tooth anatomy. If you are in NYC, you are fortunate to have Dr. Frank available to you. His experience and use of the latest innovative tools and treatments will ensure the most comfortable, safe, and effective root canal possible.