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Our treatment plans are always cost-effective, providing personal and quality care at reasonably low fees. Cost conscious individuals recognize that we have the experience and skills that develop over a 40-year period of dental practice. Our service is both comprehensive, and caring. We have treated 3 generations of families and are well known within the community for our integrity and skills.

A complete initial dental examination will include an in depth evaluation of the hard and soft tissues of the mouth (teeth and gums) including x-rays when necessary; an oral cancer exam will also be performed as well as a careful review of the medical and dental history. We adhere to strict sterilization standards and are uncompromising in our infection control and safety precautions. Our instruments are either sterilized by autoclave or are disposable, and our materials are single use.

We understand that there are always several options for dental treatment, which may be best determined by the patient during the no charge consultation process with the dentist. This is not a dental clinic; The presence of the owner, Dr. Frank, assures quality treatment and continuity of care.

Healthier teeth and Gums will improve your smile and overall health.

Rejuvenate yourself with a smile makeover to look as youthful as you feel.

  • Boost self-esteem and increase confidence by eliminating an unsightly mouth and bad breath; Decaying teeth can only result in pain and infection.
  • Lower risk of heart disease by avoiding the potential cause and effect between the chronic inflammation of periodontal disease and other serious health problems.
  • Reduce risk of inflammation and Infection in your body. Poor oral hygiene and periodontal disease can permit bacteria in the mouth to travel to other areas of the body causing infection of the lungs, and joints.
  • Preserve your memory Adults with gingivitis (swollen bleeding gums) perform worse on tests of memory, and other cognitive skills (verbal recall and subtraction) then those with healthier gums and teeth.