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Affordable fees and an outstanding quality service have been the draw for our English and Spanish speaking patients for over 40 years. We have a genuine concern for the comfort, well being, and oral health of all those we treat. We know that dental insurance has its limitations, so we make every effort to provide needed services at discounted fees.

The first step to establishing a healthy body is to create an attractive, healthy smile. Understanding that dentistry is both an art and science, we can effect a change in your smile, for an affordable fee, within a reasonably short time period, using proven techniques, procedures, and the latest advances in dental technology.

A beautiful healthy smile will project a youthful and confident appearance; this image will change your outlook and improve the quality of your life. Your smile is a major asset and should reflect vitality and success; your self-esteem begins with a clean and healthy mouth.

Dr. Phillip Frank, Dentist Brooklyn